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Digital Storytelling Resources

BoomWriter - "A innovative/fun site for students to engage their writing skills by educational competitive writing." - David Kapuler, Ed Tech Specialist

ComicBook - "I have [asked] students to show a sequence of events in a literature study and to construct a short historical recount. Students really enjoy using this app." - Rich Prowse, Primary Teacher/Coordinator

Kidblog - "I really like how Kidblog allows students to have a blog to share their personal thoughts... all while under the control and security of their teachers." - Georgina Chong-You, Teacher/Instructor at School/Home

SonicPics - "Simple and best tool for creating digital podcasts. Uploads directly to Youtube, which allows students to embed on their blogs." - Billie Napoleon

StoryKit - Create digital stories with text, drawings, and photos on the iPhone, then share them with teachers, parents, and friends. Includes four public domain children's books that you can rewrite and rearrange into your own story.

Toontastic - "You can easily create your own character or use any of the custom-made characters available on Toontastic. Once you have created your own animation, you can also upload it on ToonTube, and share it with your peers." - Monika Arora, Online English and Biology Teacher