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Business Resources

Game - McDonald's Video Game - Making money in a corporation like McDonald's is not simple at all!  Behind every sandwich there is a complex process you must learn to manage:  from the creation of  pastures to the slaughter, from the restaurant management to the branding.  You'll discover all the dirty secrets that made us one of the biggest companies of the world.

Game - The Stock Market Game -The SIFMA Foundations's Stock Market Game™ (SMG) gives students the chance to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in an on-line portfolio. They think they're playing a game. You know they're learning economic and financial concepts they'll use for the rest of their lives.

Discussion Starters with Video Clips - Movie Segments for Warm Ups and Follow Ups is a blog that contains a series of movie segments to be used to brainstorm, warm up, follow up, and activate schemata, preparing the students for the topic that will be discussed in class. Here you will find the segments, the lesson plans, and varied topics to foster conversation. You may use the activities for a full two-hour class or they can be used separately to brainstorm or wrap up the topic, focusing on conversation, vocabulary and listening comprehension.

Personal Finance - Jump Start Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy is a website that hosts the National Standards for Personal Finance.

Personal Finance - Practical Money Skills is a site with a wealth of information, lessons and engaging games to teach our youth about their personal finances!  This is a fantastic website!

Personal Finance - Financial Capability Study - This site shows data on the US, state by state, for how financially literate/capable we are as well as data showing how we spend our money.  This is to be used as an educational financial resource.

Personal Finance/Economics - The Ascent of Money is a site from PBS that has tons of resources regarding personal finance, economics and the history of money.  It has lessons, videos and more.

Simulation - Track My T - Allows students to input the t number of their tee-shirts and follow the path of the shirt from cotton field to their home.

Simulation/Game - Admondo -Advertising is all around you. Online. Outside. On television. Who makes ads? How do they work? What do they want you to do? Here, you will explorediscover, and learn. Can you make it to the top?

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