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Art Resources

Animation - On GoAnimate you can make your own animated characters, direct your own cartoons and watch others' creations.  It's easy, fun and free!

Animation - Free Software Foundation - Free directory of animation software that do all sorts of things.

Animation Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a unique software, that allows you to create stick figure animations easily and without any artistic skills. You can move the sections of the sick figure and easily create a chain of animation frames that can be previewed as you go.

Animation: Animation Chefs is a fun website/blog that teaches kids how to create their own animations using stop motion video techniques.  The Animation Chefs teach how to create animations using a “secret” recipe.  To create animations you need two things: a camera and a computer.  Animation Chefs aim to help young producers of stories and animation learn about the latest and greatest ways to get their content created.  The blog will continually be adding tips, tricks, and tutorials for creating online animated videos.

Art Education - A Lifetime of Color -This site is an art education site. The technique demonstrations alone are worth the price of admission…even for younger students.

How to integrate Animation Chefs into your curriculum: Animation Chefs is a great place for students (and teachers) to learn the tricks of stop motion animation.  Students can use this site to learn new techniques and get advice for creating their own videos.

Images Digital - Big Huge Labs - Helping you do cool stuff with your digital photos since 2005.   Have fun with your photos!

Images Digital - Big Huge Labs Magazine Cover Maker - Make your own magazine cover!

Images Digital Collage - Shape Collage On-line is a tool that will allow you to use a url from a site with pictures and will create collages from them.  Very cool tool and will let you embed the collage on your site or gives you a url to view it.

Images 3D - Google SketchUp - You can use Google SketchUp to create, modify and share 3D models.

Images Posters - Glogster - This site lets students make informational posters that can also embed video and music.

Lesson Plans - Microsoft Lesson Plans for Students and Educators - You can introduce or reinforce technology skills with these lesson plans. They’re ready to use as is or you can customize them to fit your specific teaching and learning goals.

Lesson Plans - Adobe Digital School Collection Teacher Resources - Use these lesson plans — which incorporate technology education through the use of Adobe® Digital School Collection software — when teaching about math and science, language arts, history/social studies, and visual and performing arts.

Paint ApplicationProject Dogwaffle is a full featured paintbox application including natural tools, real-time filters image warping, gradients, and more. The program is primarily designed for "unnatural painting" and includes realistic artist tools, paper, and media styles.

Painting - BMW UK -This site uses augmented reality to allow the student to drive a virtual BMW Z4. The car leaves tracks of color that allows students to create a printable painting using a virtual car as a brush.

Painting - SurrealPainter - A very cool surrealist art site. The students can create their own surrealist paintings by simply dragging and dropping. The results are able to be printed.

Painting Jackson Pollock - Jackson Pollock.org lets you have all the fun of creating a Jackson Pollock painting without any of the mess. Your students artwork can be printed out in hi res.

Painting/Sculpture/Media Arts - Artopia is a very cool site that showcases all of the arts. Painting, Music, Dance, Sculpture, Media Arts and Theater are all covered.

Resources - PBS Teachers - Classroom resources, lesson plans, professional development, audio and video resources as well.

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